Friday, January 20, 2012

Bind Runes

        Runes are an ancient system of divination given to us by the migratory Teutonic peoples of the Iron Age. Gleaned from visions, these symbols were matched with the sound values of the Nordic alphabet. They became widely used by most of the Northern European tribes. The Germans, Vikings, Goths and the Old English, each developed their own set of runes and meanings.

     Eventually it was found that the combining of runic symbols was in itself a  way to ask the Gods to intercede. So, instead of  just a divining tool, the bound runes or bind runes became a form of active magic. A way of manifesting goals or desires in their lives. While this may seem like shopping trip, where you pick out what you like and toss it in your cart, it's not. You might want to take some time and familiarize yourself with the basic runic symbols and their meanings before you start. The idea is to keep it simple...too many runes and you may find that your thoughts become unfocused...That being said, here are a few basic ways to combine some runes...


     The photos above show linear and circular and stacked runes...And here is a link to some meanings of  bind runes...
     While ritual magic has a definite start and stop, bind runes are a somewhat unique form of magic. They are a focal point to manifest your intent. For example, say you want to be better at studying, keep a bookmark with your symbol of academic success on it to keep your place. Or maybe make book covers for textbooks with your chosen bind rune. By keeping the bind rune in sight, you are in essence leaving yourself a mental note of your intended goal, and raising your vibrational rate to match your goal or desire. Now...just because you made your bind rune, and it's always in a handy viewing spot, doesn't mean it will work all on it's own, like some super wish granting miracle grow...Nope...your going to have to work for can't be a genius overnight, if you've never cracked a book...right?

   How to: It's very important to write each rune one at a time in whichever style you plan on using. The material on which you will be placing your rune is totally up to you.... paper, wood, clay, metal, wax. While inscribing your runes, focus on the meaning of each chosen rune. That means, if your stacking runes, write each charachter one at a time on top of one another. When your goal or desire has manifested you can, then, dispose of bind runes in whatever manner you like.

     Things to remember:
  • Keep it simple, no more than 4 runes
  • Focus, focus, focus
  • Work in harmony with your goal/desire
  • Keep it visually handy
  • Your imagination is the limit on what materials to use


  1. Very interesting post. I didn't realize that runes could be used this way. Admittedly, I don't know much about runes at all, so they are on my to-learn list for the year! Thank you for the post!


    1. Thanks for the feedback...Runes was something new for me too. I really enjoyed learning the history behind them.