Tools and Correspondences

*Plates and Platters represents tangible things, money and abundance. They are ruled by the sun and the earth element.
*The Cauldron  symbolizes the  Goddesses, and is ruled by the water element. Typically being made of iron and standing on three legs. Bowls, cups, pots and chalices are also associated with the Goddess.
*The Spoon is a conduit, an extension if you will, for your intent. Like your wand focuses your energy, so does the spoon.
*Mortar and Pestle are essential in the kitchen. Although I have taken a more modern approach in grinding apparatus, a.k.a. a coffee grinder, I still have a small mortar and pestle on hand for emergencies. Before anybody lashes out at me, a coffee grinder saves me hours of wrist wrenching. You can still pour your intent into items, by simply holding your hands over the grinder and send your intent, as simple as that. Regular cleaning and a few drops of isopropyl alcohol whirled around for a few will clean left over residue from the blades. Left over alcohol will dissipate. Use a few herbs, roots, or resin at a time or it might overload.

     These are just a few items, from a wide variety, that can aid you in the kitchen mundanely and magically. Do make sure to have a seperate set of food cooking items. Not a good idea to use the same cookware for potions and infusions that you use to cook meals in, and dangerous too.