Friday, April 13, 2012

Going the distance

     Okay, so you decided to manifest something into your life... you've checked the correspondences, you've gathered all the supplies, you followed the ritual to a T. But your spell still flopped like big hair on a hot humid day... even the most simple spells won't go anywhere without will. The second hardest part of the witches pyramid to follow is will ( the hardest part, being, to keep silent). To will requires you to focus your thoughts and work in a positive way to reach your goal. What... you thought that because you asked nicely the universe was going to give you what you want? Nope... you have to work diligently in positive ways that align you with your goals, be that through meditation, prayer, physical things such sympathetic magic or physical actions to align yourself with your goals (remember like attracts like), or all of the aforementioned. You want a job or a better job? Check the classifieds, attend a job fair, beat the streets business to business handing out your resume. You want a deeper connection with Spirit ( Lady and Lord)? Align yourself with them through meditation, hold rituals in their honor (in our house we hold "I'm thankful for" prayers). These are just a few examples and not at all a complete list....So don't sit and watch the grass grow!  In closing, your will is your strongest tool to manifest your desires.


  1. Your post struck a cord in me. I need to be more "active" in seeking the things I want/need instead of waiting for the "Universe" to give them to me.

    1. Glad I could help...Spirit wouldn't let me rest until I posted this...Sadly this is something I struggle with myself...95% of what I've learned about paganism/wicca is self taught (book form), there tends to be gaps in that knowledge i.e. what to do after...Taking a step back to look at the big picture, the area that gets glossed over is the "after" part. I kept saying to myself "now why didn't that work?"...once I took those extra steps after the working to align myself with my goals the big "DUH!" moment for commenting...Blessings to you and yours :)

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