Monday, March 19, 2012

Fairy Wand

     These last two weeks have been overly stressful. Between job hunting and errands, plus a hayfeverish kid or two, I was ready to sit down for a good cry. Obviously the *Spirit of Spring wasn't having it...with my head hunkered down and arms crossed over my chest feeling pretty butt hurt, it hit me (literally, don't laugh). My youngest had thown, what would turn out to be, the loveliest curvy branch between my feet. A bit disgruntled and mumbling, I picked it up. I was about to chastize her about thowing things at folks, when I realized the raw energy just billowing off this branch. It was speaking to me in that way inanimate objects tend to do. So I grabbed my trusty whittling knife and set to work. Each pass of the knife seemed to relieve some of the stress, and by the time the branch was stripped of it's bark and sanded my blood pressure had gone down significantly...

Bless my big nerdy SyFy loving heart I found my wand from the movie "Willow"(directed by Ron Howard). I have wanted one of these for forever! The moment the Fairy Queen Cherlindrea gave the wand to Willow Ufgood my heart went pitty pat!

After sanding and oiling
     This was just the project I needed to bring me out of a funk...I hope Spring inspires something wonderful in each and every one of you!

*Yes I was speaking of the Goddess. I used the term Spirit of Spring to represent the playful nature of spring energy. Hope that cleared some confusion up.

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