Friday, March 2, 2012

DIY Elemental Candles

     It always happens...just when you think you have everything you need for a ritual set up,
WHAM, you've managed to overlook something. In my case it was elemental candles. For me, nothing takes that "ready for ritual" feeling away quicker, than forgetting that you're out of something. So with a little caffeinated ingenuity and my bottomless craft bucket, I put my MacGyver skills in overdrive. Making these candles took under 2 hours. This project involves minimal supplies when using left over used candle bits and broken crayons (for color).

Things you'll need
  • a pot of water (enough water to cover a canning ring in the bottom)
  • small glass bowls (these are dollar store finger bowls)
  • candle wax, used or broken is fine
  • wicks (I took mine from double tall votive candles, that were gently used, with the burnt end snipped off)
  • crayons (turns white candles to color candles or darkens colored wax) *if you use white candles to represent the elements you can skip this step*
  • skewer or chop sticks (to hold the wick in place while the wax dries)
  • rubber bands (for keeping the skewer sticks together)

Pot of water with canning ring (heat on low)
Put glass bowl directly on canning ring

While the wax is melting construct a wick holder with the skewer sticks and rubber bands

    Take the glass bowl out of the pot of water and place the wick in the center                          (let cool on a flat surface)

    All four elemental candles cooling on the counter
When they have cooled, snip the wick (I did mine right under the skewers). I have to say that in my opinion making my own candles is much more gratifying than buying them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your way of making candles! I've been meaning to try making my own candles for a while now, but since my mum almost had a pot of wax explode all over her I'm quite scared of hot wax... tbh I don't know what she did wrong^^