Saturday, February 25, 2012

On Honoring Devas

     I have this sweet basil plant that sits next to my sink absorbing the best of the sun's rays. By absorbing I mean taking up almost the entire window...Little Shop of Horrors comes to mind whenever I stand next to her...I chat with her while I pick her ready leaves and pinch off the flowering tops. She's my friend. But recently she has grown out of control, and I was forced to take drastic measures. Usually I just take what we need for dinner and what not, but something had to be done....
Basil's first big pruning sniff...sniff...

     Now that I've snipped her, my mind naturally wandered on to how to thank her for her sacrifice...So I've come up with this idea to make an offering spot right inside her pot.

    First, I constructed a Deva (nature spirit) statue, out of clay and dried basil (from this plant):reason being, I wanted to thank that particular Deva for it's assistance in the care of my herb. Next, I empowered this Deva to be a guardian against drought, draft, and pests (these are issues that arise with keeping plants indoors for the winter). Then I held a thanking ritual for said Deva and herb. If any of you have worked with nature spirits before, you know to mind your P's and Q's, they can be vicious when doling out punishment for what they consider mind your manners and don't be an oath breaker. Devas/Faeries/Nature Spirits take that very seriously!!! If you really want to work with these archetypes, do some research.

     Ready for the show and tell?!?  Here we go...

To dry the basil quickly, I used the microwave. I washed and thoroughly dried the leaves. Then I placed them in a single layer on a paper towel. I set the microwave for 30 seconds and checked them for dryness. If they still have places on them that haven't dried I add another 15 to 30 seconds.

    Then I used my hand mixer to grind the herbs (my preference). For those of you who use a mortar and pestle feel free to do so. I use my hand mixer when my wrists can't hold up to the strenuous activity of grinding by hand. *And if your curious, NO, the mixer doesn't change any of the energies, if anything it amplifies my intentions.*

    Now that it's ground to bits, I took what I needed for the Deva, and saved the rest.

    Some thing you may need or want to use: dried herb, plant material, or flower buds to mix into the clay; water to moisten the clay when necessary, scraping and flattening tools; stones and embellishments that are complimentary; and don't forget your imagination (use visualization and meditation techniques to contact the Deva of your herb/plant/flowers).

                               What my Deva looks like completed

     Once completed, I held my Deva in my hands closed my eyes and told it, through visualization, what my intentions were. Then I sprinkled some blessed water on it, and the growing herb (that was my activation ritual). Next I gave an offering witch included a chant (please use your own, makes it more personal and connects you, your chosen herb/plant/flowers, and Deva on a deeper level).

what it looks like finished

Basil is still trying to overtake my window altar
     I had a blast working with the Deva you can see my basil is happily growing away. It's obvious she can't wait to get back outside (been inside since first frost). Here's a little extra on honoring Devas: offerings of milk and honey and shiny things make the nature spirits happy. That's small potatoes compared to all the good they did for this once struggling inside herb. To all of you planning your gardens; do you plan on incorporating nature spirits?!? Please feel free to share your knowledge and experiences with these archetypes. Be blessed all!



  1. Love, love, LOVE this post! What a fantastic way to honor your basil plant! A very sweet and magical looking deva you created to watch over basil, too.

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