Thursday, February 2, 2012


          Imbolc is the celebration of the first signs of spring. The literal translation of Imbolc is "Ewe's milk". At this time of year the teats and udders ,of the livestock, are beginning to engorge in preperation for their birthing. Our ancestors celebrated this festival of light in many ways...The making of the Brideog (Bree-jog),
a straw dolly to represent Brighid, was usually done by the man of the house. The straw left over from the making of the Brideog was traditionally used to fashion Brighid's crosses, which were blessed and hung near entrances, as a charm for protection. The last of the straw was also gathered to make a bed for the Brideog and the wand of birch. Imbolc is a great time for divination, also planting seeds to grow indoors until threat of frost has passed. Charms for protection, prosperity and fertility will pack a punch when made on Imbolc eve. This is a great time for spring cleaning, which I'm up to my elbows in. So, however you celebrate Imbolc, may it be blessed.

A bit blurry, but this is my Imbolc altar for 2012

Our Brideog made out of shredded paper. What happened to the raffia you say? Long story!

Brighid's Cross

Ham steak with caramelized honey, petite greenbeans and sweet corn, and cold cannon a la Wallace.

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